Bath's First Luxury Sparkling Wine

Minerva is more than just a lovingly crafted, one-of-a-kind British wine. Every bottle is the result of the collective support of ‘Aiga - our extended family.

Right now we're in production with the very first vintage. Each bottle of our hand crafted luxury sparkling wine is going through a secondary fermentation and ageing process. This traditional method of making sparkling wine is the most appreciated in terms of quality and the transformation from still to sparkling occurs entirely inside the bottle.

When the wine is ready later this year, it will have spent 9 months in the bottle, but this has been more than 10 years in the making. 

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Join the ‘Aiga, Our Family

As a founding member, you'll gain exclusive privileges when the first vintage becomes available at the end of 2021

Your Minerva Sparkline Wine Vintage

Minerva offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a rare slice of history with our very first vintage. 

2019 was a bumper year; World-leading Head Winemaker for Minerva Emma Rice says our Minerva has “lovely character, and is very attractive!”

We’ve also teamed up with artist Victoria Topping to create a truly special bottle, something that we’ve coined Minerva Vine-Art.

With a limited number of Minerva Sparkling wines available, time is of the essence to take advantage of this remarkable moment.

Your Name Inscribed onto the Tasting Centre

Become a part of history. When our tasting centre opens, all founding members will have their names inscribed into a Bath Stonewall, representing how important our ‘Aiga (family) are.

VIP Experience Days for 2

Getting to know the vines. Join us for an Exclusive Experience in the Vineyard throughout the season, either bud rubbing, leaf stripping, harvest, and tasting.

Your Own Vine

Getting to know your very own Vine. As part of the vineyard expansion plans for the next year, 2022, we’re planting four extra hectares. You have the chance to see your vine’s life, from the very start, planting in May and growing through to producing the berries and then contributing to its very first Vintage.

10% Discount on All Future Products

Joining the Minerva Aiga (family), you will receive a 10% discount on future Minerva Sparkling Wine and Exclusive Artwork, Tasting Centre Events, and Fashion merchandise.

Launch Event

Minerva Official Launch Party - To be announced

  All Expenses and Accommodation paid for, 2 x tickets. (UK Only)

  *launch event + food + beverages + 1 x night accommodation in Bath

"Imagine if you had the chance to buy the very first Dom Perignon or Moet & Chandon Vintage..."

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